Company History

1958 - 1967

Josef Seifried laid the foundation for what later became Seifried-Zahnräder, Ltd.. Under the name of "Jos. Seifried Verzahnungen" he founded the business as a private company.

1967 - 1996

On January 26, with the signing of Horst and Gerda Schneider, née Seifried, the company was transformed into a limited company under the name of Seifried-Zahnräder, Ltd.. Through persistence, successful economic actions and entrepreneurial commitment the enterprise was developed into a middle class factory with a personnel of 40 qualified employees today.

1994 – Today

On June 1. 1994 Evelyn F. Schneider, came on board and took over the business lead of Seifried-Zahnräder. In April of 1997 she was appointed managing director to continue the work of Horst Schneider. In May 2006 Mr. Markus Studer is appointed to technical director.

1997 – Today

Mr. Studer, already having had a leading role at Seifried-Zahnräder in the years between January 1997 and January 2000 resumed as Technical Lead in May of 2002 and in January 2006 was consequently named Technical Director.

July 2002

Seifried-Zahnräder Ltd. is certified according to the EN ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Our Team in the year of the 45th anniversary – 2003

Ever since, the image and development of the company was characterised by innovative technologies and ideas, and our customer base has grown to a total of 250 representing a variety of industries, such as the automobile industry, general machining and aeronautics.

Our leadership approach is distinguished by cooperative working, combined with tolerance and respect for the achievement of others, as well as, environmental awareness.

Our primary goal is to deliver products that are in accordance to the needs of the market for fair market prices. Innovative, qualitative production, timely deliveries and a motivated team of employees allow us to continuously improve our market position.

Our services within the production of gears and transmission parts extend from the competent production-oriented consulting of our customers; precise preparation of offers under consideration of our current, modern production facilities, to customer specific quality products.

All Seifried-Zahnräder products are subject to a high production standard, and are produced under strict requirements according to fix criteria of quality control.


2007 - success by innovation

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