New investments at Seifried-Zahnräder Ltd.

New high technology investments in the area of production:

Our latest investments on new machines are as follows:
4-axis CNC milling/drilling machine Biglia B465Y2
5-axis CNC milling center UCP 600 Vario by Mikron Agie Charmilles
CNC-grinding-machine (for inner and outer splines) AM250 by Gleason Pfauter
CNC-drilling machines for 3-shift from EMAG

New investments at Seifried-Zahnräder in the are of quality assurance:

Quality Assurance
To complement our new fully automatic, CNC-controlled Wenzel GearTec WGT 250 4-axis-measuring machine for checking straight and slant cut spur gears for parts up to 400mm in diameter we invested in a 3D-coordination machine by Leitz Reference 10.7.6.

This Wenzel GearTec gear device with its measuring touch system and turntable is well equipped for all measuring tasks on gears, spline shafts and hubs.
For straight and slant cut spur gears, tread and flank lines, as well as, difference in pitch and concentricity can be determined. The spur gear program also includes options for measuring outer and inner toothing in regards to head and base reduction (tread), end reduction, topography, hight and width convexity and testing of all teeth.

Part Cleaning
Additionally a complementing investment was undertaken in regards to cleaning the parts. Also since the end of November 2006 we have the new compact cleaning machine SOLVACS 2S with ultrasound equipment at our disposal. This device provides for a problem free and environmentally sound treatment of solvents. At the same time, through the use of modified alcohol or hydrocarbon, respectively, we can achieve outstanding cleaning, degreasing and drying results that meet the highest of demands.

With the newest investment a CNC-Cutting machine GP 300 ES by Gleason Pfauter the company is positioning itself for the future.
With this High-Tech-Machine gears up to Module 6 can be cut, while internal as well as external gears of differing diameters can be produced in a single set-up.
All helix angles up to +/- 45° can be realized even without special fixtures. These maschines are also particularly useful for production of specialized parts that are used in planetary gear drives.

Cutting with the GP 300 ES at Seifried-Zahnräder GmbH